Media training is as vital as ever during Covid-19

Demand from our regular, and new, media training clients has encouraged Morrison Media to develop an online course that explains how to make a positive impact in front of journalists and the public on television, radio, in the press and online.

Delivered live, in person and on a one-to-one basis through video conferencing technology, the course is based on decades of experience from the front line of television and radio news. We will give you the real experience of being asked probing questions on a relevant scenario that you and your business or organisation could face.

But the course also now includes other new scenarios to train for.


Life is very different right now, with soundbites from Managing Directors, CEOs and leading politicians now being delivered not in a studio but from their homes. Many have realised the need to be seen in a well-lit front room, often complete with a background of overflowing bookshelves.

However, sometimes others do not realise the nation is viewing them in a badly lit back room with poor décor and a naked light bulb giving them a pasty, yellow hue. This is not a good look for them or the business they represent.

We remind you about the importance of framing yourself properly in your computer camera, checking your background, making sure the lighting is good and, most importantly, that young children and pets are being distracted in another room. If you aren’t comfortable, you will not perform well.


After more than 500 face-to-face training sessions. Morrison Media has always scored higher than 90% in feedback. Every day we see people we have trained performing well on television and radio and appearing in print and online with well-constructed quotes.

Our online training course is already delivering the same results for clients, from C-suite directors to high profile individuals, all over the UK.  Confident interviewees who have been taught how to prepare properly for every media engagement and perform to the best of their ability every time.

Geography and expensive flights are no longer a restriction. If you have access to wi-fi and video technology we are able to train people wherever they live and work.

Covid is testing the strength and resilience of every company and organisation in the public and private sector. Never has it been more important to stand out from the crowd.


Think how effectively Professor Jason Leitch presents the latest information in a complex and fastmoving pandemic on a range of programmes from Channel Four News to Off the Ball with Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan. He has learnt how to pitch his story perfectly to each audience.

Think how effectively an academic like Professor Linda Bauld dissects the latest statistics and presents her analysis in simple and easy to follow language.

None of this is by accident. Both will have spent time to work out how best to tell their story, and how to deliver a powerful soundbite. Both know the importance of performance.  

Morrison Media can help you and your business or organisation get your voice heard.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch by emailing or ring him on 07740 096046.      

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