What people learned from media training with Morrison Media, in their own words

We’ve recently reached a big milestone at Morrison Media – 500 media training sessions delivered to a wide range of clients. This has given us the opportunity to review their feedback and also compare ourselves to media training market feedback.

At Morrison Media, we understand the value media training brings to private, public and third sector organisations. We put people under the media microscope using scenarios relevant to their businesses where they learn first-hand how to convey their messages effectively on camera. The emphasis of our training is all about confidence-building.

Their performance is meticulously analysed, and any advice is taken away and used in every subsequent interview. We also recognise the need to analyse extensively the feedback we get. This shines a light on what those who take part gained the most from the training, the scenarios we created and the advice we gave.

It has been interesting to compare the feedback of our clients to the ID Comms 2019 Global Media Training report. It found more than two-thirds (71%) said media training investment was not satisfactory. At Morrison Media our feedback from clients has always been above 90% satisfaction with the course. It is very clear that our clients appreciated the training and the benefits they gained from it.

On a personal note, the most rewarding experience is the people who are initially the most nervous seeing themselves growing in confidence on camera and their surprise at how far they progress with a day’s training.

It has been interesting to review from the Morrison Media feedback forms why people do media training and what they get from it. Here’s what they said:

Practice and feedback

Morrison Media comment: A staple of our media training is confidence-building and effective delivery.

Client Comments

“Hearing and watching your own interviews back and reflecting on them. Learning to distil words and control the interview. A helpfully intensive and very challenging day.”

“A very interactive way of learning. Really enjoyable and very relevant to engaging with customers. Made it very relaxing as much as it could be, fun and interesting. Walking the talk really helpful, a fantastic way of doing it. Anyone who will do public meetings or interviews should do this.”

“Practical exercises – much more useful learning doing it than being talked at. Not just useful to people who might do an interview – you get a real understanding of what media will report on.”
“While the practical stuff was uncomfortable, it was great.”

Individual interviews

MM Comment: Participants generally do a live radio interview, a pre-recorded television interview and finally as as-live down the line interview.

Client Comments

“The feedback from the interviews, advice from the trainers on technique and preparation made it a really excellent course. Really relaxed and informative.”

“The live interview was very good because you are put under pressure in the context of a real-life scenario. Useful for presenting to any audiences.

“This training took me out of my comfort zone but that was good. I don’t like seeing myself on camera, but realise how important it is.”

Building confidence

MM Comment: The course explains how to prepare properly for media interviews and gives people the tools to deliver a confident interview every time.

Client Comments

“The sharing of performances, whilst understandably uncomfortable at first, were very useful which allowed us to bond over the experience and beneficial for the team.

“The most useful was the work on the video and feedback – learning was clear and well structured. There was a warmth of approach and clearly in-depth knowledge.”

“The scenario took me out of my comfort zone but it was really good to get feedback on how to improve my techniques. This is not only relevant to media interviews – the feedback and skills will be useful in many other areas.”

Tips on common pitfalls

MM Comment: The importance of confident body language is stressed throughout the training. Participants learn that it is critically important to appear in control to get their message across effectively.

Client Comments

“The tips provided awareness of areas I needed to work on regarding my presentation skills. It is easy to see how a positive story can easily become a negative one if someone is unwary and subjected to an interview”

“Honest feedback, the chance to improve interviews following feedback. Insight from seasoned media professionals is very helpful. I now feel much more comfortable dealing with media interviews and more aware of the pitfalls and what to avoid doing/saying.”

“Useful to see others’ interviews and feedback in a ‘safe’ environment as key learning points.”

“Constructive feedback, enjoyable session. Practical advice which I will be able to apply to my role. Helpful to redo interviews based on initial feedback.”

Getting the words correct

MM Comment: You’re there as the public front of your organisation. Whether it’s there to defend or promote them, you have a message to get across.

Client Comments

“Excellent scenario-based course with engaging and experienced trainers. The sessions were most useful in terms of identifying points to say/not to say.”

“The feedback and learning to not be drawn in by something that isn’t factual. Advice to stick to the message I want to deliver.”

“Feedback to the broadcast interviews were really to the point. Avoided unnecessary complications. Advice was incredibly useful, well-directed. Really know what I have to work on now.”

John Morrison recently reached a milestone of 500 media training sessions delivered to a range of clients

“The theory is crucial to understanding the practical approach. Really great course. The relaxed approach and experience sharing were very useful. The practical scenarios helped to put into practice the theory we learned earlier. The group feedback was extremely useful and provided excellent feedback/pointers how to respond to questions with a broader view of key points to include in response. The group approach gave an opportunity to learn from each other. The media training was also a really good team-building exercise.”

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