The day I spent at work with my dad, by Charlotte Gates aged 10

In April every year, millions of American workers take part in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. In Scotland there is no specific day, but during the Easter holidays employees can be encouraged to bring their children into their workplaces to see what they do and play their part too. Here Charlotte Gates, aged 10, explains how she joined her dad Philip at Morrison Media for a day of PR, communications… and donuts.

Hello. My name is Charlotte and I’m aged 10. I’m on my Easter holidays from school at the moment, which has been fun. Dad asked me one night if I’d like to come into his work to see what he does, so I said yes. I was really excited that night, wondering what the day would be like.

The next day I got up early and had breakfast, then we drove to a car park and went on the Subway, which I’d never been on before. We got out in the middle of Glasgow and walked to my dad’s office. It was really sunny.

We went in and my dad got me to sit at a desk. His colleagues Elaine, Hannah and Mairi came in and were really pleased to see me. Elaine got me to look at the newspapers to see what stories there were in them. She got me to look at how they wrote in a different way about the same story. It was fun and I worked out how papers like The Herald write in a different way to the Daily Record.

Next, I went with Hannah to go and get some donuts. We went out and chose donuts for all of us in the office. By the time we came back, dad’s boss John was there and he got a donut too.

The reason we got donuts was to do with doing something for social media about National Donut Day. Me and Hannah looked at putting posts on Instagram. I looked at pictures to use and Hannah got me to think about writing something to go with it.

I then had lunch and went for a walk. When I came back we talked about me writing this blog. I told Hannah my favourite thing was reading the papers and looking at their stories. I’ll read more papers from now on. We also talked about books, I said I really like Goosebumps and Harry Potter. We then spent the rest of the day making a video to go with my blog, which was great fun.

I really liked my day and want to come back again.

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